It's the Progress That Feels the Best

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Step One: Set Goals.
Step Two: Prosper.

Showcase your style with fashionable clothing and accessories

We all want to prosper in our careers, our relationships and our health. We envision our goals and then we strive for them. Manifest greatness with the clothes you wear and the image you create. ProsperTags Fashion Group offers elite clothing that will make you look as good as you feel wearing them.

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We offer a varied selection of high-end clothing that will help you project who you are and who you want to be. Our clothing brand is built for those that hustle - Those who know what they want in life and go for it.

Our clothing line selection features:

  • Shirts: Long sleeve and short sleeve, 100% cotton.
  • Tracksuits: You'll look fresh in comfort and style.
  • Hats: Unisex snapbacks to make a statement.

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Who is ProsperTags Fashion Group?

ProsperTags Fashion Group was born in October 2020 in Chicago, IL by those who understand the meaning of working hard. Nothing in life comes easy; prosperity comes to those who forge it. Our brand is built to inspire you towards your own success. Success has no limits - We offer clothing for all ages and genders.

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